Island Vacation 4

Amber came to down and snatched his hard rooster. "Since you had the balls to walk straight up and ask I'll allow you to have me." Amber pivoted and bowed back over the bar to proceed with her discussion with her better half and the young lady who actually had Hanks rooster in her hand. 

He stooped down and spread Ambers ass cheeks separated and started licking her pussy, ensuring it was overall quite wet. Golden let out a little moan, somewhat amazed by how well he was eating her. He stood up and tenderly slid his pulsating cockerel into her currently wet pussy. He screwed her without rushing. Golden was getting a charge out of him yet was as yet up to speed in her conversation. 

Honey you can suck his chicken assuming you need. I wouldn't fret. Truth be told I appreciate watching my better half being pleasured by a youthful hot whore." Amber was getting more turned on by the adolescent kid screwing her. 

The young lady got on her knees and took Hank in her mouth. She was excessively little and Hank was too enormous for her to get quite a bit of his rooster in her mouth yet she attempted her best. 

Amber turned her head to the young fellow behind her, "You're not going to hurt me. Screw my pussy like you mean it kid!" Amber required a decent beating while at the same time watching this little whore blow her better half. The youngster started screwing as hard as possible. Ambers ass skipping and waving with each thrust. 

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